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              Qumun won the 2015 China hotel furniture ten top brand

              Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2015-12-01   Browse Number:8780

              Selection unit introduction
              The Chinese procurement and bidding nets, jointly organized by China international ranking net of China hotel furniture purchase for evaluation of promotional activity, in the field of the bidding and extensive influence on the society, in the field of the bidding and extensive influence on the society, has become an important reference for the sourcing owner.
              Qumun upholds the quality for the champions league, service to the United States the enterprise idea, has always insisted on his own spirit dedicated craftsmen, won the today achievements, he really in mind. But always pay attention to the right place, right time and, over the years of the new champions league stick consistently partners and the public has an indelible contribution.
              Excellent enterprise stems from good management, the Qumun furniture co., LTD., chairman of Mr Zhang at the beginning of the new crown beauty establish uprising will bow, with excellent leadership and management method to lead the new crown beauty reached a and a high, but also promote the fast development of furniture industry.
              Furniture industry leader
              The company according to ISO9001:2000 quality management system requirements, establish and perfect quality management system, to guide the company operation, better serve customers. At the same time for the purpose of customer demand, product design and development, product delivery control management, customer satisfaction survey, and implement improvement measures, etc. Through these efforts the new crown beauty became the furniture enterprise quality and service in one of the best practitioners, for upstream and downstream enterprises and the development of the industry provides a comprehensive solution and the demonstration significance for reference.
              Qumun furniture
              Shanghai Qumun won the 2015 China hotel furniture ten top brand is desirable. Both in terms of product quality or customer service new crown beauty do in the first place, raw materials are chosen in line with the state environmental protection material inspection standards, accessories are imported or higher quality standard accessories. Experience comfortable business space, you need to do is believe that the new crown beauty.