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              [Qumun beauty] activities of the new crown October birthday party

              Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-11-02   Browse Number:9197

              As the builders, with originality

              Birthday party&HAPPY

              To enhance team cohesion, promote the construction of enterprise culture, let employees truly feel the warmth of family, in October 2016 the staff birthday party held, more than 80 birthday the birthday together, but also promote the feelings between colleagues. Have a birthday party for the month birthday, in the leadership of the company, market and administrative departments of meticulous planning, to create a warm family atmosphere.

              Company leaders and staff representatives a speech to open up a fresh outlook opened the curtain of the birthday party

              Lit birthday candles, I wish the new crown and the United States will be better tomorrow

              Cut the cake and wonderful tidbits

              Distribution of delicious cakes, delicious longevity noodles and a new crown of beautiful gifts dedicated to hard workers

              Finally, focusing lens made a collective photo this birthday will draw a perfect full stop. The lens of everyone is cheerful smile, depicts a loving new crown Meida family warm picture.